160 years made in Greece

A trip to the Greek Industry!

The Industrial Gas Museum present the big historical exhibition 160 years made in Greece. Industry, Innovation, Novelty, from January until March 2018 bringing out -for the first time to that extent- the industrial development in Greece, for the period 1860-1970 and how it has evolved so far.

With regard to “160 years Gazi”, the 160-year anniversary of the establishment of the Athens Gasworks, we are planning a colorful and fascinating trip to 160 years of Greek Industry: from the very beginning, the glorious moments and the hidden aspects to de-industrialization, its present and most importantly its future.

More than 800 items, machines, raw materials, photographs, rare documents, a plethora of audiovisual material, original historical texts, unknown facts, side events, guided tours and educational workshops comprise the 160 years made in Greece. With the help of 3 divisions we will interact with 8 sectors of the Greek Industry ( metal, chemicals, construction materials, energy, food and beverage, textile and clothing, tobacco, furniture), and learn more about more than 90 industries, still active or not, which operated in these sectors, raw materials, all stages of production, manufactured products, technological advances and innovations. At the same time we will get to know not only pioneer businessmen and employees but also unexplored sides of the Greek industrial history.

160 years made in Greece, Industrial Gas Museum

18th January- 25th March 2018

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source: gasmuseum.gr