Christmas in Athens!

This year, Athens has been transformed into a big theater scene in the face of Christmas!

In Syntagma Square under the bright everyone is invited to become part of the great celebration and discover the joy of participation and friendly coexistence.

Omonia Square will fill with colors and sounds, next to the boat that placed at center. The fantasy stays at Klathymonos Square, which is deposited by the young friends, while the dream in Monastiraki Square is framed by bright figures.

A glittering moon symbolizes the light on the Pillars of Olympian Zeus and the Athenian Trilogy is waiting for knowledge!

The most festive Athens is dominated by music, which floods the center and its neighborhoods. Artists, musicians, djs, and the Athens City Musical Groups, conquer residents and visitors of the city to live the Christmas dream and entertain themselves with intensity and rhythm!


The program of musical events here.