“WhatAthens!” aka Whathens!, is the new brand of quality souvenirs dedicated to the city of Athens. They are the souvenirs with the fresh design and playful look that make you smile every time you see them!

WhatAthens!  were created by a team of young Athenians with a common passion for Athens, the city they love, for high aesthetics, design and creativity. This team has set the foundations of their dreams in the field of  creative publications, back in the year 2000, where they established  ATP , the company behind WhatAthens!

WhatAthens! are nothing like  typical souvenirs! They are the  fun souvenirs you want to take back home, the alternative objects of desire that remind you of all the wonderful things from your Athens holidays, they are the unique gifts that you want to offer  your friends!

The Parthenon, the Acropolis, classical stadiums and statues, famous city spots like Lycabettus Hill and the Zappeion, the new Acropolis museum, Monastiraki, the Agora, the Parliament, classical and modern Athens, fractions of Greek culture, alternative city maps, all depicted with a fun twist, playing with colours and designs, with feelings and memories… that make you smile!

WhatAthens! can be everywhere back home… Maybe on a Sunday morning when you drink your coffee in style, thinking of your favourite holidays highlights or when you chat on the cell phone about these special moments, when you surf the internet to search for the best time to visit Athens again…when you write your memoirs… or open the fridge for some more mousaka, or when you go out in style for a walk!..The choices are almost endless!

WhatAthens! are your own favourite souvenirs. You can’t leave Athens without WhatAthens!