Travel Festival 2018

Because a trip starts from the moment of the decision and the stage of its organization!

The first Travel Fest in Greece aspires to become a two-day travel experience inviting traveling travelers, experienced tourists and businesses to an interactive relationship, sharing knowledge, suggestions and activities.

Travel, nature, action and adventure teams, links, gadgets, products and services will reveal to each visitor a new travel culture, a new totally entertaining and adventurous way to discover the world.

The African Motorbike Tour, the exploration of Asian bike and the conquest of Mount Everest are some of the unique experiences that will be shared with visitors by Greek tourists, through special presentations and interesting audiovisual stuff!

On 21 & 22 April experienced and aspiring tourists will be joining a common destination: the first travel festival at the Cultural Center “Dais”.

Travel Festival 2018, 21 & 22 April 2018

Cultural Center “Dais”, Paradeisos Amarousiou