IDEA – Ancient Greek Science and Technology

From the Heron’s Diopter and the Hydraulic Telegraph, to the Parthenon and the Eupaline Aqueduct …

An impressive exhibition on the evolution of the thinking of Ancient Greeks through all the great technical and technological achievements of the Ancient World.

All the important discoveries and great achievements of Ancient Greeks in the fields of Science and Arts in an exciting exhibition that presents for the first time the influence and contribution of the Ancient Greek World on the foundations of the knowledge and evolution of Western civilization.

The visitor will have the opportunity to explore the main manifestations of philosophical quests that formed the basis of Greek thought and gave birth to a series of technological achievements, arts and sciences. Rich visuals and animations, ancient narratives, holograms, sounds, miniatures, and natural models of technological discoveries and reconstructions achieve a multidimensional reconstitution of the ancient world. There are top achievements in the fields of building, metallurgy, ceramics, engineering, architecture, telecommunications, as well as arts such as theater, music, etc.

The exhibition is produced by NOISIS and is scientifically supported by the Society for the Study of Ancient Greek Technology (EMAET) and a number of expert scientists. Its study and supervision was undertaken by TETRAGON in cooperation with NOISIS and was implemented with the exclusive donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center promises another exciting journey into the world of ancient Greek technology and science.


IDEA – Ancient Greek Science and Technology

Opening: March 17, 2018, “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Center