Celebrate Carnival in Athens!

During Greece’s version of carnival (apokries), the city counts down to Lent with three weeks of merriment.

Streets ignite with dressed-up locals and clouds of confetti, bars and clubs throw themed parties and family and friends come together to share grilled meat on Smoky Thursday (Tsiknopempti). From impromptu pavement barbecues and hilltop picnics beneath kite-whipped skies, to shiny happy costume parties and scrumptious seafood feasts, Carnival in Athens is a three-week fling.

The Triodion opened by the Municipality of Athens, dressing the whole city with colors, dance and joy  with events, organized from February 15,  by the Cultural & Sports Organization Youth of Athens and Technopolis of Athens.

The streets are filled with confetti, masks, capes and hats. Percussion and drums give the rhythm, harlequins, pieros and clowns hiding on the outskirts of the Acropolis, in the center and in the neighborhoods. All this and more, unravel the colorful carnation of the carnivore and cling to it this year’s carnival!

For 17 days, 32 spots in every corner of the city are filled with more than 60 festive open-air activities for everyone. All have this year’s fest: concerts, music tracks, cadets, performances and parades, revival of traditional Athenian carnival customs, treasure hunting, dances, mournful songs, tarantels, guitars, mandolin, okarinas and more!

The full programme here

source: www.artandlife.gr

info: www.cityofathens.gr